One of the greatest drivers of continuous growth and evolution of a person is a positive and encouraging teacher able to take mistakes and turn them into a learning experience that encourages their student to accept, explore and be flexible when things don’t always go to plan.
But in return, this person must be open-minded to criticism and the opinions of others and be able to self-reflect, evaluate and understand arguments from different perspectives. They must be creative and bold in the paths they take, unafraid to see what works and what doesn’t but smart enough to figure out how to optimize results and why it may or may not have worked.
Above all, they should hold a love of learning and knowledge to hold them through this grueling process of moulding and improving their mind into a work of art.

“ Some other folks might be a little smarter than I am, bigger and stronger too - but none of them will love you the way I do. ”

—    You’ve got a friend in me, Randy Newman