「 Yes I am the Crème de la Crème. 」


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I also drew this leafy sea dragon

photobombed in bed by Taffy. #plushtoys #youipoststhings home after massive dinner. they need to invent comfortable heels and better weekend public transport.

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4th yr EU pharmacy farewell dinner. “Dem azns, always buying stirfried with rice” ;)
- Jonooo


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The shortcut by the beach.


hey, my name is ashley - message me your favorite food for a follow back, always!

my #anaconda don’t want none unless u got #buns hun ;) #youipoststhings

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dat #booty

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uni is the biggest fucking joke. I’m paying to fucking fail and get a fucking piece of paper at the end.

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"You ought to try it sometime."
“What, flipping someone off ??”
“It’s good for your soul ;)”

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