#100happydays #day100 WOW WHAT A COINCIDENCE THE LAST HAPPY DAY IS THE LAST DAY OF WINTER HOLIDAYS I SWEAR THIS WAS NOT PLANNED HAHAHAHAHA #selfie what makes me happy today is the fact that I have such amazing friends and family who #accept me for who I am, regardless of status, connections, preferences in music/fashion, an undying love for sarcasm and a resting bitchy face. This is something I am always #grateful for, no matter if I’m happy or sad. Every day might not be a happy one, but there is never not a reason to keep your head up and be grateful for what you have. Infinitely better than having nothing at all ♡ #love you all so much. AND SO ENDS THIS RIDICULOUS EXERCISE IN OPTIMISM AND BLATANT SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING. MISSYOUI OUT.